How was your Golden Week?

 みなさん、どんなゴールデン・ウィークを過ごしましたか? ジョイは1977年に開講以来、初めて9連休となりました。そこで、どんな連休を過ごしたのか、社会人クラス担当スタッフに聞いてみましたよ。
I know most of you already about my GW on my blog, but for the few who haven’t hear is a quick summary. I drove to Hakodate and stayed 3 nights four days. I had a very relaxing time and ate a lot of fresh seafood. It was a little too early for the cherry blossoms. When I got home I worked in the garden and I did a carpentry project for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten how much fun it is. (David)
This year I had a very relaxing and peaceful time during Golden Week. I spent time in both Kushiro and Obihiro. I watched some movies, went shopping and studied Japanese. I also did spring cleaning in my apartment. Not too exciting, but I enjoyed my time very much! (Joe)
We had a great if not relaxing time in Shanghai. It’s an interesting but decidedly exhausting city. What we didn’t know before we got there was that China also has a week-long national holiday – Golden Week- just like here in Japan. What that means is that in addition to the 18 million or so people that live there, there were millions more that came in for the week – tourists from other parts of China. I have never experienced that kind of density before!
We had a great time walking around, observing, taking pictures, eating and we even got a Thai massage! It was a lot fun, but I was happy to come back to the peace and quiet of Obihiro. (Eva)
Eva and I went to Shanghai for golden week. It was a wonderful but tiring holiday. One of the interesting things that I found in Shanghai was the market. It was enormous with many different kinds of shops that sold clothing, fashion accessories, sporting equipment and souvenirs. If you wanted to buy anything you had to spend at least 20 minutes bargaining for the right price. They start at ten dollars, you say one dollar, they say nine dollars, you say one dollar fifty, etc.
Another interesting aspect of our trip was the food. We ate incredibly well every day. Mostly it was noodles with meat and vegetables. Although I don’t recommend the Chinese wine!
All in all we had a fantastic time and I hope to go back one day and travel some more through some of the smaller villages in China.(Carlos)
I went to Obihiro Zoo with my family on April 29. My son and I were going to ride the train there but he fell asleep after lunch so we didn’t. Maybe some other time. Unfortunately my son had a mild fever so we didn’t go out anywhere the rest of the Golden week. (Kayano)
Hi, students. Did you enjoy the Golden Week? I had fun but was very busy.
Can you guess what I did? …Babysitting! (Nagiko)
My G.W. was fantastic. I went to Tokyo to see my daughters with my mother. I went to Midtown. It was crowded, but I enjoyed shopping. (Terumi)
It was the greatest GW I’ve ever had! I did a homestay at my Mongolian teacher’s house in Kyogoku town with a Mongolian girl. We made Mongolian food together. I also went to lake Utonai to see the wild birds. It was like I was taking a birdsong shower. And I enjoyed picking mountain vegetables in Shikaoi town. They were so delicious. I drove about 900km throughout GW!! (Shinobu)

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