Christmas Message from JOY teachers

     JOYful Christmas and A Happy New Year!
★ One of the joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say “Thank you.” Have a great Christmas! And I wish the very best for the New Year. Hisashi Urashima
☆ This has been a really great year for me and I would like to thank all of you for being wonderful students and friends. I’m really looking forward to teaching you and getting to know you more in 2009. So let’s make 2009 an even better year than 2008!
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. All the best to you and your families, Joe
PS: There are many ways to say Merry Christmas around the world. Here are a few…
-feliz Navidad (Spanish)
-seun-tan chu-ka-hae-yo (Korean)
-buon Natale / gioioso Natale (Italian)
-joyeux noel (French)
-sheng dan kuai le (Chinese)
-frohe Weihnachten / frohliche Weihnachten (German)
-miilaad majiid (Arabic)
-mele kalikimaka (Hawaiian)
★ Merry Christmas to all, best wishes for the new year. Here’s my favourite Christmas song for all……..Eye-yi-yi-yi’m Dreamin’
Paul Cvetich
☆ A Christmas song from Trish Bonney
We wish you a Merry Xmas, we wish you a Merry Xmas, we wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
★ I hope everyone will have a happy holiday season. Enjoy yourself. Yuki Kayano
☆ How time flies!
I have really enjoyed talking with you this year, too.
Have the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year.
I can’t wait to listen to your happy story of the holiday! Nagiko Ito
★ How are you spending Christmas this year?
Christmas is a special time for all of us, no matter who we are, where we are, or how old we are. I hope all of you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! Terumi Saijo
☆ May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases and new years be happy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Kuniko Okada
★ I’m happy to learn with you.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year♪
I’ll see you in January! Masami Honda


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