My summer vacation in Canada

I visited my hometown in Canada on my two-week summer break. I got to enjoy many of the summer delights one can find in Canada. Although I really like summers in Hokkaido, there are a few truly Canadian things that I miss.


My favorite thing about summers in Canada might be barbecuing. Canada is cold and snowy for much of the year, so when summer arrives Canadians are very excited to fire up their barbecues. When I was young, my family (well, mostly my Dad) would barbecue 3 or 4 times a week in the summer. Most barbecues in Canada run on gas such as propane, so getting the barbecue started takes little time and practically no effort. Canadian barbecues tend to be bigger too than the ones found in Japan, and they usually have a lid so grilling hamburgers or steak is easy. I’ve attached a picture of my Dad working the BBQ from a couple of weeks ago. He’s making some tasty hamburgers. He doesn’t cook often, but when he does it’s certainly delicious!


Another thing I really enjoy in summer in Canada is going to the cottage. A cottage is a simple, second home, usually near a lake as Canada is a country with literally hundreds of thousands of lakes. People go to the cottage to escape the city on weekends, and enjoy fresh air, play games, spend time with their families and friends, and of course drink beer. Not every Canadian has a cottage as they are expensive to buy and maintain, but enough people in Canada do, and I’m thankful that I’m friends with few of them. In fact, I went to my friend’s cottage over the summer. We played some cottage games like horseshoes, went swimming, took a boat ride and had a nice afternoon barbecue.


The other thing I love about summers in Canada is camping. I really enjoy camping and I try to go just about whenever I can. There are many great places to camp near and around my hometown, but just a little further down the road there is some truly spectacular canoe camping. A large swath of this area is in Algonquin Provincial Park. It’s a pretty big park, over 3 times the size of Daisetsuzan National Park, and has a network of very picturesque lakes, small rivers and creeks that you can paddle down and camp from camp site to camp site. The park is really big, so big in fact that you can canoe an entire month in the park and never meet the same river or lake twice. There is also an abundance of wildlife in the park. Beavers, bears, deer, moose, raccoons and other large furry creatures are never too away. I highly recommend going if you visit Canada.


All in all, I really enjoyed my vacation in Canada. It was a great trip, and an excellent way to spend a couple of weeks. But I love Hokkaido too, and I’m glad to be back here.


See you all in class!





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