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Hello everyone! I’ll be posting to this blog about once a month or so, welcome!


Well, as many of you may already know, when I’m not working at Joy, I’m usually busy training for road racing, as I’m an avid cyclist. I train everyday according to a schedule that my coach prepares for me, and on weekends when I’m not racing, we usually have a group ride on Sunday in place of a race.

The group ride is usually pretty hard, as we try to simulate race conditions when possible. That means our ride is a combination of warming up, then sometimes conserving energy by reducing1 wind resistance2 (by riding in another rider’s draft3), and sometimes “attacking” and trying to escape4 from the group or riding very hard up a climb or into the wind. When that happens, we’re training our lactate threshold5, which must be very high in order to do well in a race, so that we don’t get dropped6.

Last Sunday we did a recon7 of the Tour De Hokkaido road course.  The course starts at Makubetsu Onsen and goes through Furumai, Sarabetsu, Toyokoro, Komahata, Nukanai, and back to Makubetsu Onsen, for a total of about 140 kilometers.

The course is very hilly, and it was super hot, but we were able to keep a pretty high average pace, about 35 kph, not bad considering8 there were only a handful9 of us and it was just a training ride.

One of the riders with us is still a Junior High student! Anyway, we all survived, although there were a few casualties10  : one rider, T-san, threw up11 (light case of heatstroke12 I think), and I got sunburned, so I now look like a boiled lobster!


1 減らす

2 空気抵抗

3 前の選手が通った跡の乱気流

4 逃げること

5 乳酸性作業閾値

6 ちぎられること

7 下見、試走

8 〜割に

9 少数(またこの場合は)少人数

10 負傷者

11 吐く

12 熱中症

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