The Good and the Bad

Hello, everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written in my blog. As most of you know, Orin and I had to make a very quick trip to Florida to see his grandfather, who passed away when we came back. The trip was very rushed, but I am glad we were both able to go.
However, over our trip, Orin and I made a decision – we are going to stay for one more year in Obihiro! That means that we will leave in March of 2011. Hurray! Thank you to all our awesome coworkers and wonderful students for giving us a great experience in Obihiro, and making us want to stay for one more year.
Oh! One more good thing. Halloween is right around the corner, and Joe, Orin, and I are hosting a costume party! It’s on October 31st, from 7-9 PM. Come in a costume, and the best one will get a prize! We’ll order pizza, and provide snacks. It’s a BYOB party, so please Bring Your Own Beer. If you want to come, please talk to Orin, Joe, or me! I’ve made posters and you will be able to see them around JOY. Hope to see you there!

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