South Korea, Part III – Sokcho, Gyeongju, and Busan

Hi again! Sorry for the long wait. Here are the last of my pictures from South Korea.
After we stayed in Seoul for one week, Orin and I took the advice of a new friend, and went to Sokcho. It’s a beach town that is very popular with Korean tourists. There was a very busy beach, and we went swimming – but only for five minutes because the water was cold! Here is the beach:
After Sokcho, we went to Gyeongju, the old capital of Korea. It has many old palaces and shrines. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip! If you go to South Korea, I really recommend visiting Gyeongju. You can see burial mounds like this:
A king is inside the hill in the picture above. If the king was very popular or important, he got a very big hill. But, if the king was not important, or not popular, he got a very small hill! Isn’t that funny? Next is a picture of a lotus. We found a big lotus field that was very beautiful.
After Gyeongju, we went to Busan. We didn’t have very much time there, but we did go to the aquarium. Orin took a lot of pictures of fish! We also ate really delicious sashimi. It was very fresh – we saw the woman take the fish out of the water tank! The beach in Busan was also very nice. At night, there were lights on the sand, and different bands playing music everywhere.
Finally, we took a bullet train back to Seoul, where we stayed one night, and then came back to Japan. Here is a picture of Seoul at night. I really recommend taking a trip to South Korea. It was a wonderful trip!

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