I had a GREAT weekend!! On Saturday, April 11th, my wonderful girlfriend, Kendra, took me to Lake Akan. It was her birthday present for me. My birthday was on April 7th, but we had to work that day so we didn’t have a chance to celebrate until the weekend. Akan was beautiful! The lake was still mostly frozen. Only the edges of the lake have started to melt.
We stayed at Hana Yuuka. Our stay included an amazing dinner. It might have been the most amazing meal I’ve ever had. Seriously!! They served us 13 courses and we were eating for an hour and a half straight! We were very full by the time dessert came, but of course, we had to eat it. Here is a picture of the appetizers:
After dinner, we went to the onsen in the hotel, and then slept very well. It was a relaxing short vacation! I wish we could have stayed longer.
When we got back to Obihiro, we went to Yumiko’s house and ate more delicious food! Yuki brought Tokachi Wagyu beef from the cattle farm he works at, and it was very tasty. He also brought a birthday cake for me and everyone sang the Happy Birthday song.
I’m so lucky. It feels like my birthday has lasted one week instead of just one day! Thank you Yuki, and thank you Yumiko!! And thank you JOY teachers for the great birthday cake you gave me on my birthday.

by Iuchi / 2009-04-13 5:50 PM / Past Teachersコメント (1)

  1. Yuki S says:

    Wow, the frozen lake is amazing. I’ve been to Lake Akan but never seen such a beautiful scene.
    And the dinner looks gorgeous. I’m happy to konw that you were pleased about the beef and birthday cake I brought.









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