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Hello, everyone!
First, thanks to all the people who came to our concert. The audience was great! Orin and I really enjoyed playing. If you would like to see us again, you should sign up for our August 29th concert!
As you know, JOY has a long summer vacation very soon! Orin and I are going to South Korea for almost two weeks. We’re going to spend about one week in Seoul, and after that, we’re not sure! We would like to travel around Korea, and see some of the countryside.
Some of my students have been to Seoul, but they haven’t been to any other cities. How about you? Some people have asked me why we are staying for so long. It’s because we want to experience a different culture! You can’t do that by only staying in one city for three days. That would be like a foreigner going to Tokyo for three days, and then saying that they know Japan very well! But it just wouldn’t be true. That is why Orin and I are staying for a long time.
If you have been to Korea, and you have some suggestions for sightseeing, please tell me! We are looking for things to do. If I don’t see you this week, have a great JOY vacation! You can look forward to some of our pictures in three weeks!

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