Horses and Jam

Hello everyone!
We’ve been keeping very busy these last few weeks. Here are two of the things that I like best about the past month:
A few weeks ago, one of my students gave me rhubarb jam. Have you heard of rhubarb? It’s a kind of sour vegetable. It looks sort of like lettuce, but the stalk (the middle) is red. Orin and I LOVE the jam. It is delicious! Thank you very much, Eiko.
Last weekend, we went to the Ban-ei Keiba with one of my students and her family. They showed us how to bet on horses, and we watched a race. Sadly, we didn’t win. After the Ban-ei Keiba, we had a barbecue together. The next day, the family took us to D-J Ranch in Nakasatsunai. There, Orin and I had a horse-riding lesson! It was really fun, but at the end of the day our rear ends really hurt! Oh, well. I guess that is part of the fun.
Here is a picture of Orin on a horse:
Can you ride a horse? Tell me a story about horse-riding, or rhubarb jam!

by kendra / 2009-07-14 4:07 PM / Past Teachersコメント (2)

  1. yumiko says:

    I make the rhubarb jum every year. but, it doesn’t become such a beautiful color.
    I don’t know why….

  2. Atsushi says:

    Hi, Kendra.
    I’m Atsushi. Thank you for your kind teaching in private lesson. My presentation went well and I won a best oral presentation award of the conference. Thanks to you, I got the award.



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