Golden Week Pictures, Part I

Hello everyone! Golden week has come and gone, and Orin and I are back from our travels on Honshu. We had such a good time. We saw, ate, and did so much that it would take a very long time to talk about everything on my blog! I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to make two blog entries about our Golden Week. Please feel free to write me and ask any questions about our trip! Or, if I have you in a class, you can ask me then, too. Enjoy!
First, we went to Kyoto. We stayed in a hotel right in the middle of downtown. There were so many restaurants! They were all in these tiny streets. These streets are very different from what I am used to in the US. We had so much fun walking around and smelling all the good food.
We went to Kiomizudera. We saw many shrines – one of them had a bunch of statues wearing… bibs? Can anyone tell me what these statues are, and what they are wearing? Why are they wearing red?
We saw many, many students! We had heard that Kiomizudera is supposed to be lucky for love, and we saw many high-school girls writing down their wishes on ema. We also saw many families. It was a beautiful day to be traveling.
We visited Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji. Both places had very beautiful gardens. We were both surprised at how bright Kinkakuji is – it was glowing in the sun.
However, when we went to visit Ginkakuji, we found that it was under construction, so here is what we got to see:
On our last day in Kyoto, Orin and I were surprised to find a boy-band in the subway station! We were very excited – they sounded a little like an American band from the ’90s called Boyz II Men. Here is a picture:
Well, that’s the first half of our Golden Week. Be sure to look at Orin’s blog to learn about the things I didn’t talk about – there’s a lot! I will be sure to post more pictures in the coming days. In the meantime, tell me about your Golden Week!

by kendra / 2009-05-11 7:49 PM / Past Teachersコメント (2)

  1. Yuki S says:

    Jizo is believed to be a kind of guardian angel of children. If a child dies young, the parents pray to Jizo, putting on Jizo a bib which the child wore while alive. The smell of the child on the bib helps Jizo find the dead child in the after-life. Then Jizo takes him or her to heaven. Some people believe that children who died before their parents cannot lead a peaceful life in the after-life. So parents ask Jizo for help. Does my explanation make sense?

  2. kendra says:

    Yuki -
    Thanks for your explanation! It does make sense, and I can see why every Jizo was wearing a bib. It seems like you had to do some research to find that answer, and I appreciate the effort. I’ll see you at Joy!



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